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On Cloud Hosted M2M Wireless Sensors, Electrical Enablers and Alert Notification Solutions

The Global Environment:

Mankind is vulnerable to threats and unexpected resource utilization, whether they are accidental or intentional, from

-conditions that diminish our quality of life (CRITICAL CONDITIONS)

-rapid liquid escape, high/low humidity/temperature/light, property entry, etc.

presence of

-chemical, biological, radiological-nuclear and explosives (CBRNE)

-hazardous material & volatile organic compounds (HAZMAT/VOCs)

-food, air, water contamination (CONTAMINATION).

Regardless of the source, our homes, properties, cultural venues,  business establishments, shipping containers, seaports, aircraft, airports, transit systems, air and food and water supply chain, building resource utilization, ecosystems and military operations are currently all under-monitored and at risk.

The Proactive Response:

To respond to this challenge, Detection Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2009 and has assembled a strong team to develop, market and support The Detector a product suite consisting of disruptive, proven, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless battery and electrical-powered sensors and enabling modules, leading-edge wireless networks, and real-time monitoring and detection platforms offering best-of-breed screening, assessment, and threat and hazard detection systems in conjunction with our game-changing web browser management functionality.

The systems respond to under-monitored market needs by providing all-in-one, easy to use, portable, wearable, fixed-point and hand-held consumer and commercial-strength sensing products and integrated systems that simultaneously detect multiple threats and hazards, and provide immediate local and remote alert reporting.

The company’s Founder & CEO was a senior executive for a small applied technology company that grew into a successful, large, multi-national company with its main North American offices in Cincinnati and Toronto and was the founder and champion of its disruptive wireless data communication systems, portable terminal appliances, secure networks and integrated systems, that are installed in military, industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

Partnering and Collaboration Commitment:

If you have leading-edge sensing and/or enabling technology that you believe will enhance our suite of world-class product offerings or have unmet on cloud hosting, sensing and detection needs, please call us at  937.531.6642 (United States) or  905.632.8970 (Canada); or email us at or visit our website to learn more.


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